Business Bill Pay

Take control of your business finances

With easy enrollment we can help you become more efficient with paying your bills and controlling your business cash flow online.

Online Bill Pay is a simple, convenient, and secure way to pay your business bills and puts you in control of your finances. Through your business online banking access you can schedule recurring monthly payments either by check or electronic payment with an easy click. Your payment begins to process two business days prior to your scheduled due date.


  • Set up vendors.
  • Manage and schedule payments by the due date.
  • Arrange automatic payments for recurring bills of the same amount.
  • View your payment history.
  • Expedite rush payments.*
  • Robust security features to add authorized employees with individual user identification numbers (ID’s) and passwords to ensure authorized-user only access.

For more information and to enroll in business Bill Pay today contact a local branch or our online banking support.

 * Fees may apply.  Contact Pacific Valley Bank for current Miscellaneous Fee Schedule.