About Us

Why was Pacific Valley Bank created?

Pacific Valley Bank was created by local business leaders that were looking for a bank that truly understood the local business landscape and could provide solutions to help the local economy thrive. That is exactly what we have done since our first customer walked through the door back in 2004.


How is Pacific Valley Bank different?

One of the things that truly sets Pacific Valley Bank apart is being truly local. Local business leaders from a wide array of important industries serve on our board of directors. They understand what makes the local economy go. Additionally, our President and CEO is a local resident whose family has been part of the community for generations.


What areas does Pacific Valley Bank serve?

From its inception, Pacific Valley Bank has served the Salinas Valley and Monterey County. Our first branch was in downtown Salinas, and we currently have branches in Monterey and King City as well.

Considering switching banks?

Consider Pacific Valley Bank. The knowledge, business experience, and competitive products and services offered by Pacific Valley Bank make us the perfect partner for your local business. Give us a call today, and one of our amazing staff will be happy to meet you and begin the process of learning about you and your business.

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