The PVB Story

About Pacific Valley Bank

The Salinas area business and agricultural community faced unique challenges, but the existing banking culture had no provisions in place to fulfill their financial needs.

Recognizing their plight, a group of local business and community leaders rose to the challenge. Why couldn’t they form a new community bank? One that understood the needs of those it would serve?

The project sparked interest – those who embraced the dream became determined to transform it to reality. Business leaders who prospered in the Salinas area were anxious to serve their community in such a meaningful way.

Turning concept into a flourishing institution

Turning concept into a flourishing institution was not an easy undertaking. Yet buoyed by those willing to risk time and capital to make it succeed, the group overcame every challenge they faced.

Their formal application was submitted in December 2003, with the ambitious goal of opening the new bank in late 2004. The name Pacific Valley Bank was officially selected and work began on the original headquarters located in Salinas at 3 Rossi Circle.

support of local investors

The project would have failed without the support of local investors. The organizers were met with such enthusiasm that all shares of available stock were sold through its initial offering. The vision of a new community bank became reality when we opened the doors to our first customer on September 14, 2004.

A publicly held community bank, we’re listed on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board under the stock symbol PVBK.

a flourishing institution

Today, Pacific Valley Bank is a flourishing institution. It stands as a testament to what can be accomplished by channeling efforts toward a common goal. A local community committed to its own success, raising the standard of living of all of its members.

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